You will receive new prospects and patients provided according to your specialty, they will come from all of our publicity in GOOGLE and other traditional and electronic means in México, United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

Includes the Design of a Banner in your specialty with your web address and telephone numbers mentioned, to have also new prospects and patients contact you directly.

Your Banner will be displayed in the Main Page of our Web Site and also in the section of your specialty.

Your picture will appear in the Main Page and also in the section of your specialty

Your personal web page will have a direct link from our Web Page, so the prospects and new patients visit your site directly and generate you traffic.

We have a Call Center with the most advanced technology to provide professional attention to all of our members, prospects and new patients.

Your image and good reputation will be publicized nationally and internationally.

Electronic Magazine


We have an exclusive support of a team of expert programmers on web strategies, with a specialty in the creation of web pages for doctors, clinics and hospitals. They will provide you with advice year round at no cost to our members.

If you already have a web page, our team of experts in the creation of web pages for the medical community will perform an evaluation to you to your web site at no cost.
These will benefit you to have a second professional opinion of the possible updates you would have to make to your web site to have it optimized to the requirements of the American, Canadian and the rest of the world medical tourism.

We will include the verification of the English version of your web site.

We will provide this evaluation in writing at no cost to you.

We will show you proven techniques to get you new prospects and patients.
We also provide you with professional advice in the development of marketing strategies, social network, and marketing tools for the medical community to learn how to get new prospects and patients.


In case of not having a Web Page, our team of experts in Web Page Design for the Medical Community will design you one of the best Quality to discounted prices for our members.

Personalized Electronic Flyers in GOOGLE (The best and more economical way to generate new patients).

Course in Medical Tourism Facilitator (Ideal for the doctor's assistant).

Electronic Clinical Record (According to the Mexican Official Standard).